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Life Happens: Potholes or swirling vortexes of doom?

HAMBURG — Spring is here and the first robin has perched outside my kitchen window. My daffodils are poking their sleepy heads to the sky, and the pussy willows are soft and fuzzy.

You would think that these examples of spring would be enough to herald the return to warmth, but there is one more harbinger of the season.

Potholes. We have all experienced them. Some of us have even been to the bottom of them – more than once. What happens to our roads, under that thick coating of ice, salt and snow, especially this past winter, when single digits were the norm, rather than the exception?

Our roads have been through the wringer. They are riddled with craters that are axle-deep, in some spots. I’ve taken to looking at only the road to the right-hand side of my car, to avoid the inevitable. This usually means that I am not looking to the center, where there are sometimes even bigger potholes lying in wait.

Even with my extra vigilance, I still dread the ear-splitting bang that happens when I accidently hit yet another pothole. These holes are even more gigantic than usual, and there are a lot of them, this year. I call them black holes.

I have been watching the new TV show “Cosmos,” and I have learned about the real black holes, dark, swirling vortexes in space that have a huge amount of gravitational pull. They suck up stars, planets and anything else that dares to get too close.

I think that some of our potholes have developed these same habits. They are so big and deep that they have their own gravitational pull. They draw unsuspecting cars into their orbit and suck them in.

I would not be surprised if scientists discovered parts of cars, or even raccoons and unsuspecting pedestrians, who might have been pulled in because they got too close.

I am certain that at least one of those buggy-busters is the final resting place for various pieces of my car.

With spring also came the road crews. These knights in shining armor fill in all the vortexes and gaping wounds of our streets, rescuing our cars from inevitable doom.

Our roads will be smooth again, for a few months, until it starts all over again, next winter.

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