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‘Star Wars’ shows how time flies

I generally don’t think about age. Truthfully, for me, age is nothing more than a number measuring the passage of time or the standard for certain rites of passage; never a way to classify or judge people.

That being said, the other day my grandchildren called to share some exciting news. They spent their first weekend of summer vacation watching all the Star Wars movies.

They then asked if I had ever seen the films?

Seen them? Were they kidding? I took my kids out of school for the opening of every single Star Wars movie. My son collected Star Wars action figures and wore a Darth Vader costume for Halloween when he was four. My daughter was a Princess Leia worshipper. In fact, I can still recall opening day for the very first Star Wars movie …what was it, ten years ago? Maybe fifteen?

As I regaled my grandchildren with my Star Wars memories, I began to piece together a timeline relative to the age of my children. It was then that the realization began to dawn. The first Star Wars movie debuted much earlier than my initial guess of ten to fifteen years earlier.

Following a quick Google search, I was stunned to learn that Obi Wan and crew first graced cinematic screens 36 years ago.

This is not the first instance in which I have misjudged the passage of time. Like I said, I really don’t pay attention to such things. Honestly, whenever someone references the 1970s or 1980s, I always consider the time frame to be around ten years past. The same with references to memorable television shows, famous songs and family events. My time context always hovers around the ten to fifteen year mark.

In realizing my time relativity disorder, I wondered why I was unable to make the quantum leap into “true time” reality. Considering the question, I figured out that I am apparently stuck in a time warp based in the 70s and 80s decades. The good news is that from all indications, I am not alone.

Feedback from family and friends on this topic would indicated that many of my generation, and younger, are living in a bit of a time warp. It’s a place where “The Golden Girls,” “Cheers” and “Three’s Company” are still part of the TV hit parade. Top rated movies still spotlight the talents of Steven Spielberg, Sally Field, Daniel Day Lewis, Diane Keaton. Meryl Strep and Dustin Hoffman, to name just a few. And in the music world, Cyndi Lauper and Paul McCartney are still rock stars and Elvis still magically lives.

On the political scene, names such as Bush, Carter and Cuomo continue to impact the American landscape. And the issues of personal freedoms, equal pay and gender equality remain as fundamental war cries at political rallies around the world.

So, rather than feeling uncomfortable that perhaps I am aging and losing my context of time and reality, I’m taking a different tact. I’ve decided that the 1970s and 1980s were some of the world’s most significant times, politically, artistically and socially, and therefore are the context by which life since then is measured and judged.

And I don’t care what any young whipper snapper says. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


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