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Letters to the Editor for the Week of Jan. 31, 2013

Political commentary does not belong on sports pages

Editor, The Sun

I for one am tired of seeing political commentary in the sports pages of The Sun. Despite Forrest Fisher’s claim that New York State’s new gun law will hinder the rights of firearms owners, it will have little to no impact on sportsmen hunters. Following Mr. Fisher’s logic on handgun license renewal and limiting the size of ammunition clips, where is his outrage at driver’s license and automobile registration renewal and mandatory motor vehicle inspections, even though they help protect the safety of those that motor vehicles might injure.

There are 11 other provisions of the Bill of Rights. Does Mr. Fisher’s outrage that “certain inalienable rights now appear to have become revisable and infringed upon” extend to the “Patriot Act” which allows warrantless wiretapping so that the Government can listen to our private conversations, track our Internet activity, and even our book buying and borrowing habits?

I agree with Mr. Fisher that “our forefathers would be embarrassed in the way America has changed.” However, their embarrassment would be that their provision that each citizen be allowed to possess a one-shot musket so that they serve in the militia has been reinterpreted to mean anyone can possess an automatic weapon with an unlimited magazine that can be used to swiftly and indiscriminately kill and maim many of their fellow citizens.

As to Mr. Fisher’s convoluted statement about “people willing to work and a majority willing to let them and those not working willing to vote to keep their politically mandated compensations” which sounds like a rerun of a recent presidential candidate’s telephone video, does he mean he is for denying the disabled their social security benefits and unemployed military veterans their unemployed benefits? And does he intend to collect his “politically mandated” Social Security and Medicare benefits whose lifetime value will easily exceed his contributions?

Mr. Editor, I would respectfully request that. in the future, you edit out the political commentary of Mr. Fisher or find a hunting and fishing columnist who will stick to that subject.

Mr. Fisher, do not interpret this as an attempt to restrict your freedom of speech. Feel free to express your political opinions the way I am by submitting a letter to the editor, not by hijacking your guaranteed column space for purposes other than it was intended.

Kevin Feely


Town should listen to Mayor Moses

Editor, The Sun

Really Mr. Walters? ”...nothing had happened that night.” Do you need a babysitter/caretaker to attend every meeting of the board to call you out when things get out of hand. Grow up. All of you.

You should take Mayor (Thomas) Moses comments as constructive criticism and want to improve board relations, as it is obvious there is discord among you. The sharing of his experience, so you may learn, is not a bad thing.

Mayor Moses only came and told you what many residents are thinking. Shame on you.

Paula Shank


Proud to be raised in Farnham

Editor, The Sun

On behalf of myself and the rest of the Rauker family, I would like to publicly voice our appreciation to the tireless efforts and progressive vision of Mayor Gibbons and the Farnham Village Board, for the beautiful upgrades to the village park, and it’s rededication in honor of my father, Steve J. Rauker. A special thanks to trustee George Cordia for spearheading the project and keeping us informed on its’ progress and to

Ellsworth Nolan for his hands-on work. It’s often been said that Farnham may be the smallest village in Erie County, but its’ people have the biggest hearts. When anyone asks where I’m from, I am proud to say Farnham is the place I was born and raised. Now more than ever.

Tom Rauker


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