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Slow spring puts off the cleaning

Last week, the first day of spring blew in on an icy wind and lodged itself under a blanket of snow.

Yes, the only way to tell that it’s spring is to look at a calendar. This is a sad state of affairs for people who have been waiting about five months for warm, sunny days to return.

There are a lot of spring projects that are in a state of suspended animation right now. Many of us want to get moving on some home improvement projects, gardening, and other fun outdoor things.

But, there is one time-honored warm weather activity that I never welcome back, and that is “spring cleaning.”

To me it is the seasonal black cloud that darkens my joy during the season of warmth and rebirth.

So, if I have to find the silver lining of a blustery, snowy spring, it’s that I don’t have to think about spring cleaning for a little while longer.

To me, when the first, fresh breath of warmth wafts through my open windows, that does not signal me to clean out my linen closets and scrub down the crevices in my kitchen tile.

Nope. Warm sunshine and whisper soft breezes make me want to run outside and twirl on a mountain top like Julie Andrews in the “Sound of Music.”

They lead me to parks and the waterfront, or out to my backyard to plot and dream this year’s garden. I want to go to playgrounds and I want to walk around my block… twice. I need to talk to all the other people who have been hibernating all winter, as we all stumble out of our houses and blink in the bright, bright sunlight.

I admit, I’m a little dramatic about my excitement at the return of green leaves and the violets that grow willy-nilly in my yard. I also admit that the thought of taking down all my window curtains and dusting for cobwebs makes me feel the exact opposite of excited. It makes me feel chained to the inside of my house, where I’ve already been chained all winter.

So, there are a few answers to my spring cleaning angst. I could, theoretically, start my cleaning now, while it’s still cold and gray. That way it would all be done when spring finally does arrive. Or, I could just switch my cleaning plans to autumn and not stress about it now.

Yes, I think that’s the best solution of all. I’ll put off the cleaning until September.

There. I feel better already.

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