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Letters to the Editor for the Week of Oct. 18, 2012

VP debate offers good perspective on the race

Editor, The Sun

If there is any question whether the news media is intent on re-electing Barack Obama one needs to only look at the final question raised at the vice presidential debate this past week.

The question pertained to the candidates’ position on the issue of abortion. An issue mind you that is not on the forefront of this election.

Vice President Biden expressed support for abortion and Congressman Ryan stated the potential Romney administration would oppose abortion except in instances of rape or incest. “Opposition” however, does not signal a change in law.

The news media jumped on this “revelation” and reacted as if electing Romney meant that it would simultaneously outlaw abortion. This could not be further from the truth and it shocks me that network anchors would perpetuate this myth.

The truth is Roe v. Wade enacted a federal ban on abortion. The only way that this ruling could be overturned is if a court case was presented at the Supreme Court that would supersede this ruling. Given the current composition of the court, it is hard to see how a case like that would be successful.

Should a should a supreme court vacancy arise during the Romney administration, most likely Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg retiring, the chance that Romney could nominate someone who is a strict conservative to replace her is near zero. For one, she is a liberal and the Democrats would likely filibuster anyone who is not similar to her pedigree. Republicans would need 60 votes to override the filibuster. There are pro-choice Republicans in the Senate who wouldn’t stand for it, nor would the democratic caucus. Simply speaking it wouldn’t happen.

But let’s say that the impossible happens and Roe v. Wade is overturned. Does that mean that abortion is outlawed? No. All that it means is that abortion becomes a States Rights issue and in all likelihood, each individual state would pass laws making abortion legal. Some states have already done so in an effort to get ahead of the issue.

I personally am Pro-Life and wish that there was a way that abortion could be outlawed. However, I see the huge barrier that stands in the way of making that happen and I know that the likelihood of it happening is slim.

I hope the American public can read past the political jargon and understand that electing a republican to the presidency does not assure the end of abortion. The past three Republican presidents have been pro-life and Roe v Wade has not been touched. In all likelihood, it will not be touched in the future either, no matter who is elected.

Jacob Rachwal


Appreciation for support from Hamburg Historical Society

Editor, The Sun

The Hamburg Historical Society wants to extend our thanks to ZJ’s Family Restaurant, Village Antiques, Hamburg Mail and More, and Main Street Ice Cream for their participation in making our movie night fundraiser for our new museum fund, a big success.

Most important was the generosity and support of Jay Ruof, owner of the Historic Palace Theater, who allowed us total takeover of the theater for our event.

Who knew our community had so many attractive gals in little black dresses?

Please visit us when the new museum opens in the spring.

Julianne Howes


Hamburg Historical Society


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