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Be smart during the intense summer heat

This has been an unusual summer in Western New York as temperatures that often reached the 90s has led to a drought, and the sight of people mowing their lawns has been rare for more than a month.

The lawns have gone from a lush green to brown, and in many cases, dry. It will take more rain like the storm that reached the area Sunday afternoon to help end the current drought.

The conditions were so dry it forced Gov. Andrew Cuomo to temporarily place a burning ban.

Western New Yorker’s are not used to weather like this, at least, not so much of it so often. With a month of summer left, we hope our readers think smart in dealing with extreme conditions they may not be used to.

The Sun received police reports from the Town of Evans, where there have been three reports this summer of dog owners arrested for leaving their animal in the car during extreme heat.

Town of Evans Police Capt. Charles Danzi has been with the department for almost 25 years and said he has never seen as many incidents involving leaving dogs in cars as he has this summer.

He said the temperature outside of the cars at times has been in the mid to upper 90s and even with the windows down a couple of inches to let air in, the temperature inside of the cars can each about 110 degrees.

The only way a dog, or any animal, should be in a car during weather like this is if it is air conditioned.

We certainly do not want to see man’s best friend cooped up all summer long, but extra caution needs to be taken to keep them safe and protected during this spell.

This includes keeping your animal or animals in a place where they are as cool as possible, along with making sure they are fed and hydrated consistently. It is better to be safe than sorry during these hot weather days.

This kind of thinking should also be used when it comes to children.

It is easy when you are in a hurry to leave children in a car for a minute or two if you have to run into a store to grab a couple of items.

With weather like this, everyone should simply get out of the car and go into the store or wherever you are going. It is better to take extra time and be as safe as possible.

This time of year, there are many people who want to spend time at a pool or one of the local beaches in order to enjoy the water and cool off.

Do not forget the sun is still beating down upon you and it is vital that you protect yourself and children by using sunscreen.

It seems like a small thing, but as you get packed up and ready to head out the door, it is a habit you need to get into, no matter if the heat is excessive or not.

Everyone is a creature of habit.

This is not been a typical weather year for this region. It was arguably the mildest winter followed by a spring that began with several 80 plus degree days in March and now hot, humid, sticky weather.

Western New Yorkers are hearty and know how to prepare themselves for harsh winters, rainy springs and the summer months. But temperatures in the 90s this time of year is usually the exception, not the norm.

We encourage our readers to take extra caution as we enter the second half of the summer. It will be winding down soon, and before you know it, the air conditioners will be turned off and the fall chill will be here.

Until that time, make sure you take the time necessary to provide an atmosphere that is as safe as possible.

Above all else, safety – for children and animals – should be a priority for everyone as we get through the drought.


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