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A goddess by any other name

We are a people who like to label things. It makes for quick and easy communication. Instead of saying a long phrase like “Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie”, we say “Brangelina” and we all knows what that means.

“Tom Kat?” Not anymore, since Katie Holmes left Tom Cruise. We like large labels that describe millions of people. “Hippies,” “Generation X,” “Generation Next” are quick little sound bytes that capture entire age groups.

“Baby Boomers,” we all know who we are. Actually, Baby Boomers have also been known, in previous decades, as hippies, yuppies and dinks, depending on our lifestyles.

For the young among us who may not be familiar with these terms, “yuppie” is a label to describe young, upwardly-mobile professionals, and “dinks” describes married couples who are dual income – no kids.

The other day, as some Baby Boomers do, I was reading my AARP newsletter, and my “Prevention” magazine, and I came across a new label that was pretty intriguing. “Alpha Goddess.” Whoa. What is that all about?

Apparently the Alpha Goddess is a new subcategory within the Baby Boomers, that has been recognized by Madison Avenue as a group worth aiming considerable marketing dollars at. The Alpha Goddess consists of women, age 50 and up.

Why that’s me! I’m a woman age 50 and up. I’m more up than 50, but who’s counting?

Alpha Goddesses are described as successful, independent, adventurous, assertive women who like to buy the best, and don’t care what anyone thinks. An Alpha Goddess is comfortable with herself and her lifestyle.

Well, that’s me again… maybe. If by successful they mean she pays all her bills in a timely manner, then why yes, I am a goddess. I am a hard-working, bill-paying goddess. I buy what’s on sale, but only the best sale items, and okay, some things with coupons. So, with a little stretch of the definition, I think I still qualify.

Independent? Of course I am. I plunge my own toilet instead of calling a plumber.

Adventurous? If being bit by a wolf spider, twice while putting on my gardening gloves counts.

I’ll put it this way. I will assertively assert that I deserve to be in the Alpha Goddess group, because I am comfortable with my lifestyle and I don’t care what Madison Avenue thinks.

Besides, it’s a much better title than “Baby Boomer.” I’m taking it.


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2012-10-20 | 05:42:42
Me too, Alpha Goddess
I loved your humorous article, and agree I'am not up there in the $60,000 range but everything else to some extent yes. I like that term Alpha Goddess, better than babyboomers...hey my pose has improved :0
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