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The Sun letter to the editor: The SAFE Act is not an optional law

I read with interest about the meeting in the Joylan Theatre in Springville, N.Y.

This meeting was arranged so that “local politicians could band together to support the Second Amendment” of our Constitution.

1. The Second Amendment was not intended to give every citizen the right to carry every weapon that is invented for the express purpose of killing humans in times of war.

If it were, then it is reasonable to believe it also means that citizens can own and use napalm bombs, nuclear weapons and very powerful bombs to defend their perceived rights.

Note I said “perceived.” All perceived rights are not necessarily right. They are assumptions.

2. Elected officials swear to enforce the laws of our land, at all times. That does not mean that politicians can disregard any laws that their constituents wish them to disregard.

3. The Joylan Theatre probably holds about 200 people, at most. These 200 participants are a very small number of the estimated 6 million gun owners in our state.

This is 1/30,000th of the legitimate, law-abiding gun owners in New York state.

4. New York Assemblyman David DiPietro, Erie County Legislator John Mills and Erie County Sheriff Timothy Howard should be charged with failing to uphold the law known as the SAFE Act. They openly refuse to do as they have been sworn to do, when taking their oath of office.

5. I have never owned a gun in my 76 years on this earth. Not because I was against them; many of my friends enjoyed the sport of hunting and target shooting.

I never said citizens should not own guns, because there was no movement to buy weapons that were explicitly for wars and soldiers. Machine guns and other weapons of war are indeed a risk to every law-abiding citizen and should be regulated and policed, to assure the safety of all.

I should not need a gun to protect myself from everyone else who believes that they can shoot anyone who gets them upset or angry.

I support the right to bear arms, but I also support the right to legislate laws to protect me from mentally incapable persons who believe they should be living in a period where the fastest gun got to be sheriff.

I have made a list of all these local politicians, so that I can vote them out of office, if and when I get the opportunity. These politicians must learn the hard way that you can not get elected by playing up to the radical whims of those who make a lot of noise.

Common sense and reasoning shall overcome guns and other weapons, made for the purpose of killing enemies. Let our police and court system work.

George Poole

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2014-05-03 | 22:04:06
I'll take random thoughts ...
... from an old man for $200 Alex. George is OK with a poorly researched, knee-jerk reaction being passed into law in the midnight hours by sneaky politicians to prevent any public discussion. George ignores the fact that 52 of NY's 62 counties have passed some form of opposition to the act, or that the public petition opposing the law gathered more than 125,000 signatures in just two months after its passage (it's easier to claim the 200 people at the meeting were just crazies). Let's not even get into George's "analysis" of the Second Amendment, "perceived rights" and assumptions.
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