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The Sun letter to the editor: Itís animal abuse, no matter how you spin it

The big top. Thatís where the magic happens, or so they will tell you.

While the show may be entertaining, with its bright colors, sounds and animals galore, it comes at a high price for the animals used in circuses across the country.

Many circus representatives will defend their use of animals because they claim the animals are well cared for and never abused. What they still fail to realize (or admit) is that even if these animals are not outwardly abused, neglected, malnourished, etc., they are still being forced to live under conditions that are not natural to them and to perform merely for human entertainment.

This is not only selfish, but abuse, in and of itself. If animals could speak, I doubt they would express pleasure in being confined to small spaces, chained or caged up for the majority of their lives, or being forced to move and act in ways that go against all that feels safe and natural to them.

Oh, and lest we forget that, if after years of this mistreatment, a poor animal ďsnapsĒ and, God forbid, causes another animal or human harm, it is the animalís fault and clearly something wrong with the animal, not the circus, right? I think not.

Meghan Dahlgren

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2014-03-28 | 18:18:35
The Shriners Circus is far different from the others. You should do a little research on what they do, how they do it and who benefits from the circus before you throw out abusive accusations. Most of their acts are humans. Their elephants are one family that came from a high poacher area and all of their dogs are from shelters. So by asking these animals to perform, they are in turn saving them from death. You don't like the circus? Don't go!
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