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The Sun letter to the editor: Your children are being well served by Hamburg’s food service staff

In our busy lives, we try not to overlook anything, especially the health and wellbeing of our children.

We at Hamburg Food Service know the importance of good nutrition, and work hard to achieve those concerns, through our healthy breakfast and lunch programs.

Lunches that meet the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) are very carefully designed to provide a balanced, healthy meal and are a very good value for the money.

With the cost of groceries constantly rising, school lunch is the way to go. A healthy breakfast and lunch are crucial for good school performance. A child that is hungry in the morning has a hard time concentrating until lunchtime.

One of the advantages to buying a school lunch, as opposed to bringing a lunch from home, is that it’s more economical.

The kitchen staff at Charlotte Avenue Elementary did a cost analysis of a brown bag lunch that was comparable to one of the lunches offered on our menu. The difference was over $1.20 more for the brown-bagged lunch.

A wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and salads are available every day, on the lunch line.

Juice is 100 percent fruit juice. Low sodium and reduced sugar items are commonplace in all of our kitchens.

Another advantage is that food is kept and served at the correct temperature. The brown bag lunch kept in a hot locker all morning will not be, unless it’s cold when packed, and sent with an ice pack. There’s nothing like a hot breakfast or lunch, to give children the nutrients they need to do well at their schoolwork.

It is a common misconception that kids will not eat healthy foods. It’s all in the presentation. Here at Hamburg Schools, we implemented the new government changes to the NSLP before they became mandatory, in order to get the kids accustomed to the increased amounts of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole-grain items.

At Hamburg Schools, our kitchen staff works very hard to make breakfast and lunch a good experience for your children.

Boston Valley’s motto is, “We wouldn’t serve your child anything we wouldn’t serve our own children.”

We would like you to take another look at school lunches and breakfasts, and as always, thank you for supporting the food service department at Hamburg Central Schools.

The food service staff at Armor Elementary, Boston Valley Elementary, Charlotte Avenue Elementary, Union Pleasant Elementary, Saints Peter & Paul, Hamburg Middle School and Hamburg High School

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