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The Sun letter to the editor: Hamburg Council candidate acknowledges two endorsements

I would like to tell you about the significance of the following endorsements.

First, I have been endorsed by Ironworkers Local No. 6. This deserves special recognition, because I am a member of Local 6 and proudly raised my family from the iron for 10 years. This also brings me pride because my grandfather, Jim Gleason, was an ironworker, as well. He was a well-respected man in the trade and in his life and was the first ironworker I had ever met.

Grandpa Gleason’s best friend was the first cop I ever met: Hank Williams – not the singer – and to call him just a cop is an understatement.

Hank was the colonel of the New York state troopers, a man so highly regarded within law enforcement that the NYS troopers hold an annual, world renowned, homicide training seminar named after him. The ironworker and the state trooper, best of friends, working in the most dangerous of professions.

Hank passed when I was young, but to a young boy, I recall both men with unassuming presence. They commanded respect without demanding it and they did their best to raise good families.

Jim Gleason had 10 children: nine boys and one girl – my mother Joan. Three of the boys proudly followed my grandfather in a career in the building trades, as union electricians. Four of the boys went on to careers in law enforcement. Three of those boys proudly served as New York state troopers, like Hank Williams. One of them served in this town’s own police force and is now the chief in the village of Hamburg (not an official endorsement).

Of the many cousins I have from Grandpa Gleason’s lineage, a few followed the influence of Hank and the uncles and serve the community through law enforcement. Those of us who haven’t followed the field of law enforcement or have not joined the building trades have, nonetheless, been influenced by our family members that have.

This is why I am also proud to acknowledge the significance of my endorsement from the Hamburg Police Benevolent Association.

Together, these endorsements symbolize a friendship, the effects of which have spanned generations, to become a part of who my family and I are. The good qualities I possess come from the families and friends in this very town.

It is with these qualities that I plan to serve and lead this community, unselfishly, to once again allow our town to be considered the town that friendship built.

Mike Quinn
Hamburg Town Council candidate

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