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The Sun letter to the editor: Prisoner education funding is an insult

I would like to respond to the writer who is in support of using tax dollars to pay for college tuition for prisoners.

Simply put, if the writer feels that strongly that this is a good thing, then perhaps he should put his money where his mouth is and pay those tuition fees himself, for one or more prisoners. To my knowledge, nothing prevents him from doing so, right now.

It is insulting to people like me and my family that are staring at $20,000 per year, to send our daughter to a SUNY school. Forget about any kind of private school.

More importantly, what kind of society have we become, where rewarding failure and punishing success is acceptable to vast swaths of Americans?

Hardly a day goes by without some sort of idea proposed by someone, or some entity, to separate hard-working, responsible people from their money, in order to help the lazy, irresponsible and criminal elements of society.

Nearly 60 years after LBJ's great society, and we have more people than ever relying upon government services.

It’s long past time to put this obviously failed strategy to rest and start holding people accountable for their actions and choices in life.

Bill Reese
Lake View

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