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The Sun letter to the editor: Officials should complete their duties as promised in oaths of office

The social division that the Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act has created within our state is beginning to concern me.

Statements made by many appear to be completely spontaneous and without forethought.

In a meeting held in Springville on April 14th, a packed house listened to elected officials’ touting their “rights” under the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

While I am not questioning their rights granted them by the Second Amendment, nor do I agree with all provisions contained in the SAFE Act, I intend to abide by the terms of the law until it is amended or properly repealed.

While I sympathize with Sheriff Howard’s opposition to the SAFE Act, I am deeply disappointed in myself for voting for an individual that openly refuses to uphold the oath of office that he made, to “uphold the laws of New York state, to the best of my ability.”

I feel that the sheriff should either uphold the oath that he committed to, or resign his position.

Shooters Committee on Political Education Chairman Harold Schroeder commended Sheriff Howard at this meeting, for refusing to enforce the SAFE Act.

His analogy to adultery fails to address the problem presented. He states, “You know what else is a class B felony? Adultery. Does anyone enforce that?”

I am not aware of any elected official that has taken the oath of office that openly refuses to enforce the laws associated with adultery. Should such an individual exist, I would promptly move them into the same category that I have placed the sheriff.

I feel that our leaders set the standard for those serving below them and, in my opinion, the standard which the sheriff has set is unacceptable.

Further, since he is the leader of his department, his blatant refusal to enforce those laws that he does not agree with not only affects his integrity to perform the job that he was elected to do, it brings into question the integrity of his entire department.

Russ Metcalf

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2014-05-01 | 13:36:14
You fail to see the big picture. Obviously not a gun owner
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