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The Sun letter to the editor: In opposition to hiring a trapper in Blasdell

As a Blasdell resident, I am very angry that our mayor has decided to allow a fur trapper to set leg hold traps in Blasdell.

I enjoy the wildlife, including the coyotes, skunks, opossums, raccoons and foxes, that provide free rodent control for our town and do not want them trapped and killed.

I am wondering if Blasdell residents would have been alerted to the presence of these leg-hold traps, if The Sun had not reported it.

Trapping this area is biologically unsound. The saying “nature abhors a vacuum” fits well here. It means that, as wildlife is removed, more wildlife will immediately move in from other areas, to fill that void.

Studies show that coyote populations rebound quickly and there will be more coyotes than ever, next year in Blasdell, because of this.

In addition, the rodent population is going to explode, because of the short-term removal of their predators.

So, can we expect to pay more taxes because a rodent exterminator has to be hired? In short, the trapper is going to create an imbalance in the system and we will have more problems than ever, next year, and for years to come.

Exactly who’s benefiting from this? Not Blasdell; only the trapper wins.

Joseph Nowak

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2013-11-14 | 18:12:48
I support any decision that leads to less squirrels in the village. My shed and house have been attacked by squirrels.
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