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Letter to the editor: Vote for the budget this week


In recent months, I have watched as our school district officials agonized over how to balance our school budget without the assistance of appropriate and adequate funding from New York state.

Myself, and others, have also publicly applauded these same district officials as they managed to once again approve of a balanced budget that will be presented to the voters of Hamburg next week. This is a budget that not only maintains our district’s Kindergarten program at a time when the earliest of education for our students is an absolute must, but also Hamburg’s Health Science Academy, as well as our sports program, just to name a few. Make no mistake, painful decisions were made, decisions that as a parent who is heavily involved in this district, I’m deeply saddened by.

Taking into consideration, however, the initial $2 million in cuts that had to be made, I believe that our district has done the absolute best that they were able to do.

The alternative cost-saving measures that were originally looked at would have been devastating to our students and to this district. I applaud them for a job well done, by keeping the necessary programs that, in the end, will make certain all of Hamburg’s unique and diverse students will receive the education that they deserve.

Over the past week, I have also seen the shameful behavior of individuals that have shocked, dismayed, and dare I say, even angered this community.

This was followed by the soaring pride of community members, myself included, as our school district has rallied together to support our superintendent, Dr. Jetter.

I sat together with four other school board candidates last week, as we publicly stated our support and desire for the unity of our board of education. A recognition that the leadership in our district can only work for the betterment of our schools when all individuals involved acknowledges this leadership.

On May 20th, residents of the Hamburg School District will have the opportunity to vote on our district’s budget for the 2014-15 school year.

We also have the important responsibility to elect two individuals to fill the open board of education seats that are available this year.

More than ever, it’s absolutely important for every eligible voter to remember to make an informed vote about the individuals you are choosing to represent the best interests of our children in this school district. Our students deserve absolutely no less than that.

Candy Ditkowski

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2014-05-20 | 20:36:00
First, Fix the Board!
Making cuts to the budget while keeping the basic structure of the school program together is a terrific feat. I know the school administration has worked hard to arrive at this budget, but I've decided I've had enough. I'm disgusted by the conduct of the board of education, and I simply can not support any budget proposals until that mess is cleaned up. The school board is embarrassing. It's a joke. It has allowed the conduct of a few morons to wreak havoc on our proud district, and make the entire town of Hamburg look inept on the national stage. And now, we voters are asked to pass a budget? The education of our youth is the most important mission we can take on. That's why we should vote this budget down, and continue to vote down all budgets until the school board cleans up its act so that we can get back to the business of educating our youth. I prefer to vote down this budget knowing that it may put the academic year at risk. It's a hard decision. But right decisions usually are hard decisions. The risk to next year is a small price to pay against the backdrop of the absolute incompetence of our school board, and the impact that incompetence will have on the long-term education of our youth..
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