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The Sun letter to the editor: Speaking to local voters

The Democrats want to take over Hamburg town government again. Eight years ago, you, the voter, threw the Democrats out of office because, after 12 years of 100 percent of Democrat-run government, you found out that, unless you were a Democrat party insider, the town of Hamburg offered you very little.

The town attorney was the Democratic party chairman and, unless you were an insider or a family member, you were on the outside looking in.

Under their watch, that group of Democrat board members and the Democrat supervisor raised taxes 55 percent on your property. They did not care about smaller and efficient government. They spent the town into a high level of debt and left its payment for others to be responsible for.

Those same Democrats allowed the town police force to become a department with a serious morale problem. All this, and more, was left for Steven Walters and his administration to contend with, along with the fact that every file in the supervisor’s office was removed and/or destroyed by the previous Democrats who lost the election.

After seven years and 60-hour work weeks, the problems have been corrected. Government has been made smaller, the police department has been reorganized and the town golf course has had a change in operation and now does not cost the town a penny to run.

All of the town governments have reduced their budgets, decreased spending and, if possible, departments were eliminated entirely. Town taxes and spending have been reduced to 2007 spending levels and property taxes have not been raised five out of seven years, even though inflation has risen.

Steven Walters has repaired and modernized the town government and has been recognized for his efforts by a New York state comptroller audit, as well as independent auditors for the town’s exemplary finances and planning.

The Walters administration has worked tirelessly to get Hamburg a town rating of “outstanding.”

Now, the Democrats want to run our town again, now that Steve Walters has fixed what the Democrats made a mess of. I don’t think so. The Democratic candidates have no clue on what is required to operate our town government. They just want the pork barrel to be available to them again. They really miss eating from the government trough.

Vote to return the only team that knows what they are doing. We can’t afford not to. Vote for the Walters team, so your town will continue to favor the taxpayer and never the politicians.

Joseph Kontrabecki Jr.

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2013-10-31 | 17:10:59
Changing Partys
Doesn't matter which party is in control, unless you are an insider your voice isn't heard. It is a good thing to shake them both up every now and then to keep them on their toes. Perhaps a little from this side, a little from that side would keep things balanced.
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