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FIV positive felines adoption at Ten Lives Club for reduced cost

For the entire month of February, all Ten Lives Club cat rescue and adoption group cats that are FIV positive felines will be available for adoption at just $10. FIV is a feline disease only transmittable to other cats, not dogs or humans. It is considered an immune compromised disease. 
Other cats can get this through a nasty cat bite, not through sharing a house, litter pan, water bowl or even most times grooming. It is actually hard to transmit this disease. Male cats (tom cats that are unneutered males) who are territorial and prone to fighting usually pass this to other cats through a bad fight or through sex with a female cat. Ten Lives Club has learned a lot about this disease and tries to educate the public on how it is transmitted. FIV+ cats can and deserve to live a long, healthy life under controlled circumstances. As long as the FIV cat is gentle, meaning not aggressive or territorial, or a bully, FIV cats can live in a house with another cat(s) with little scare of ever transmitting the disease. 

Since Ten Lives Club learned of this feline only disease back in 2001 they have made it their mission to save these cats through education and understanding of what it involves. Over 500 FIV+ cats have been saved through their efforts and are now in forever homes. Cats with FIV do have a compromised immune system, meaning they may get sick first or not be able to fight off a cold/virus as well as other cats can. It is also found that cats with FIV+ may have dental problems that could worsen as they get older. However, all the FIV+ cats available for adoption through Ten Lives Club have had their dental needs addressed and they have been okayed for adoption through our vet or the vet that performed the dental procedure. 

Ten Lives Club presently has over 55 FIV+ cats that are truly wonderful cats and just because they have this disease is no reason for these cats to be put down. Ten Lives Club only works with the vets in our community that have this philosophy on FIV cats and that truly believe they are worthy to save. Once a FIV cat is adopted we would be happy to give you the list of those shelter friendly vets that believe in our cause and efforts. We believe in educating the public on such topics and work with the latest information from the veterinary Cornell University School as when the facts are put forth, all understand better and are not as fearful. We want to be fully honest with you on FIV+ cats and what adopting one can entail. We hope you consider bringing a FIV+ in your life – you won’t be sorry. What you know won’t hurt you.

Ten Lives Club staff is always available to discuss with you FIV+ and any concerns you may have. If you would prefer, our shelter vet can meet with you at our facility in Hamburg to reassure you on FIV+ and that it is not as “scary” or “harmful” as it is made out to be. Please call our shelter at 646-5577 for more details on FIV and to speak to someone if you so wish. Feel free to visit our website at and check out the “About FIV” section.

Every FIV positive cat deserves unconditional love and love is a powerful immune system enhancer. Call 646-5577 for an appointment to meet and greet the FIV positive cats at the shelter. Offer will also apply to FIV positive cats at all our satellite sites.


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