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Group homes discussed in Brant

The Town of Brant could see of a pair of group homes for the developmentally disabled constructed.

The homes are being constructed by Community Services for the Developmentally Disabled and will house criminals as well. Initially the homes were to be located at 110097 Erie Road, said Supervisor Leonard Pero.

“Last month we surveyed the property where they were looking at putting up two homes for 10 people, five in each home,” Pero said. “The residents are handicapped and they are also criminals, pedophiles. I had a gentleman come out on the 6th and I told them the area they were looking at was not a good place to put it at because there is no water there, no sewer. I told him that he was going to need facilities for something like this because each one of the patients has to have an aide. I also told him that there were children living across the street, and he told me they couldn’t do that because if the patients got out, we would have a problem on our hands.”

“There’s a number of very good reasons they couldn’t build the homes on that initial site,” said Code Enforcement Officer Gary Brecker, “one of them being the water issue, which is why we discouraged them from building there because those necessary utilities do not exist at that location.”

Town Attorney William Trask said that there is a chance that local ordinances could keep the group homes from being built in Brant.

“If any of these people are on the sex offender registry, the Village of Farnham has a local ordinance that prohibits people on the registry from residing within so many feet of locations where children might congregate, like a church, which would be one of them. I think the town has a similar law, but I’ll look more into it.”

Resident Joseph Gardyjan, who owns the property adjacent to the site initially proposed, voiced a number of concerns for the placement of the proposed homes.

“I’m a little concerned because the property they are proposing to buy is adjoining to mine and I’m on the top of the hill and the volume of water that they use would suck it right out of my well,” Gardyjan said. “Furthermore, I don’t know how much more congestion it would add, but at times in the summer with the people going to the beach, the traffic lines up to my driveway to the point that I can’t get out. Also, there are a lot of children that ride their bikes back and forth to the beach and the park, even during the night.”

Pero also made his feelings regarding the situation known. “I’m not happy that the town has been chosen to have group homes with patients who are developmentally and criminally disabled, and if I can steer them somewhere else, I will, but I feel that the state and the powers that be have a mandate on their location.”

Currently, Pero and Brecker have suggested some other possible locations for the group homes to Community Services for the Developmentally Disabled and they are said to be looking into them.

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