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S-GI board presents 2013-14 budget projections

SPRINGVILLE — The Springville-Griffith Institute Board of Education held a meeting on March 26, at 7 p.m. The meeting utilized video conferencing with President Mel Willams, who conferenced in from the United Arab Emirates.

Superintendent Paul Connelly and Business Official Ted Welch presented the 2013-14 budget status, to board members. According to that presentation, expenditures totaled approximately $35,019,500, a 3.33 percent increase from fiscal year 2012-213. Contractual increases totaled about $986,000. The anticipated state aid, for the projected 2013-14 year, will increase by roughly $332,400. Connelly noted that several “unknowns” are factored into budget calculations.

“The four major areas being heath insurance cost, state aid, kindergarten registration and academic intervention services,” Welch said, “we need to have $1.5 million left over for this year, or we will be in deficit, for next year.”

A bid was accepted, in the amount of $211,680, to be used for reconstruction of the high school tennis courts. An alternate bid, in the amount of $11,100, will be used for new fabric, on existing fence posts.

The majority of board members said they agreed that the courts are in a dangerous condition and a liability, for the school, if injury should happen. The board concluded that the courts are used by not only the students, but the community as well, and should not be used, at this time.

The board members also discussed and approved a motion to authorize the superintendent to obtain proposals, for a grant writer. An agreement was based on the stated need to fill that position, which is currently not in place.

The claims audit report from Feb. 23 was approved, as was the audit corrective plan for the fiscal year ending June 30. Acceptance of the claims audit report from March 8 and the treasurer’s report from February 2013 will be addressed in the next regular meeting.

All consensus items were approved, including the placement of students for special education, as recommended by committee; a fundraising activity, for the high school varsity club indoor hockey tournament, to be held on May 11; a baseball sponsored “hat day” on April 8 with the proceeds’ being used for the expense of team hats for varsity baseball players; a field trip for the varsity lacrosse team to Erie, Pa. from April 19 – 20.

More than 10 S-GI staff members were approved for retirement, including John Baronich, high school assistant principal. Mary Cudney will be assigned as a long-term substitute for Springville Elementary School, effective May 3.

The next regular board meeting will be held on April 9 at the high school library and media center. The next Principal’s Advisory Council meeting is scheduled for April 18, at 12:45 p.m. at the S-GI Griffin Café.


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2013-04-02 | 09:19:28
How long is Mel Williams expected to be out of the country?
2013-04-03 | 10:07:52
gone for the election? Longer?
2013-04-03 | 14:10:50
Accuracy of budget
Unfortunately, this article leaves out a lot of what was discussed at the BOE meeting. During the public comment portion of the meeting, former Transportation Supervisor Jay Peplin pointed out an $88,000 "error" in the budget. It's just one of many repeated "errors" in budget documents presented to the public over the last few months. The State Attorney General is investigating this particular "error."
2013-04-03 | 19:04:32
Budget Questions
I will provide the documentation that I have to any interested persons.Jay Peplin
2013-04-04 | 09:53:43
This will be one of the most difficult budgets in the history of SGI and the board president is AWOL? He doesn't want to be here when more people lose their jobs? Or he doesn't want to have to listen to taxpayers speak at board meetings? I have a serious issue with his priorities.
2013-04-05 | 20:54:37
Allison Duwe. I think she'll win.
2013-04-05 | 11:01:41
Who is running in the election?
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