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Boston Town Board rings in the new year with appointments

BOSTON — With the new year came the usual annual appointments for the Boston Town Board, which met on Jan. 8.

The meeting came a week later than the usual first Wednesday of the month, due to the town hall’s being closed for the holiday on Jan. 1. When the board convened for its first meeting of the calendar year, several decisions were made official, before the board moved forward with the town’s future.

First came the appointments of town staff members.

“We’re lucky enough in this town to have some of those fabulous employees of any town in Erie County,” said Councilman Jay Boardway.

That list included the following: Michael Kobiolka as town attorney, Kelly Vacco as deputy town attorney/prosecutor, William Ferguson as code enforcement officer, Anthony Zeniuk as recreation director, Karen Miller as clerk, John Sibenik and Daniel Mule as court officers, Thelma Faulring as secretary to boards/committees, Theresa Horschel as nutrition program director, Lori Valentine as sub assistant nutrition director, Sharon Bulger as assistant nutrition director, Leo Jensen as town hall laborer, Joyce Carr as marriage officer, Jacob Karb III as liaison for Cobblehill Cemetery, William Sodja as town hall cleaner, Jennifer Mule as registrar of vital statistics, Elizabeth Martin as deputy registrar of vital statistics, Sandra Quinlan as sub assistant of vital statistics, Robert Telaak as parks superintendent, James Hannon as town engineer and Elizabeth Weitzel as clerk/highway.

Supervisor Martin Ballowe also made several appointments, including Boardway as deputy town supervisor, Dawn Boncal as assistant to the supervisor, Kathleen Selby as bookkeeper/budget director and Keith Kaszubik as town historian. All of these appointments were carried and the individuals were sworn in, during the meeting.

The North Boston branch of the Evans National Bank was designated as the town’s official bank. The Sun was named the town’s official newspaper. Councilman Gary Vara and Conservation Advisory Council Chairman Donald Buckley were appointed to the Northeast Southtowns Solid Waste Management Board.

In addition, town board meetings will still be held at 7:30 p.m. on the first and third Wednesdays of each month. An agenda review will be held at 5:30 on the same days.

In other board matters:
– Resolution 2014 – 01, which outlined several procurement policies for this year, was approved. Resolution 2014 – 02 included a schedule of fees that was passed by the town board.

– Resolution 2014 – 03 resolved that “the Boston Town Board hereby formally request a traffic speed and safety study be conducted for the entire length of Rice Road in the town of Boston, with specific attention paid to the Feddick/Rice [roads] intersection. The board asked that the speed limit be set at 45 mph, due to “safety concerns of its residents, with respect to the lack of a speed limit on the entire length of Rice Road.” The resolution was passed unanimously.

– Under resolution 2014 – 04, the board resolved to “enter into membership in the plan pursuant to section 50 Subdivision 3-A of the Workers’ Compensation Law.”

– Boston resident Cindy DeLuca spoke up about the speed limit on Feddick Road. “We are for that reduction in the speed limit, because I don’t see any speed limit signs on Feddick Road, and we have children,” she said. “We have dogs and no one goes 55 [mph], even in bad weather. I’m tailgated every morning, when I go to work. I work downtown. The roads are slippery. I ... don’t like all these four-wheel-drive trucks and everything riding [behind me] at 55 and above, when it’s slippery out and/or the summertime. And everybody knows everybody speeds on Feddick Road, pretty much.”

Councilman Larry Murtha said, “That’s being taken care of. The state’s got it right now. The study needs to get done. That’s in the works.”

– Ron Yormick, another Boston resident, said, “I’m just here to thank [Highway Superintendent] Bob Telaak and his crew for the job well done on this blizzard that we had, on the town roads. I’m still considered essential personnel, believe it or not, and I had no problem whatsoever getting around this town on town roads. It’s just phenomenal what this town crew does; and not only this week, but also a few weeks ago, when we had the 31 inches of snow. It’s just amazing what Bob and his crew does. I just thank him immensely for that.

“I’m here to also chastise the county, because I haven’t seen a plow all week, and I see the [department of transportation] is now doing Boston State Road,” he added. “I’ve seen two plows just coming here tonight. So where ... the county is is beyond me, but maybe that’ll change, now that [Erie County Legislator John] Mills is in charge of the Legislature. I just want to thank you guys for keeping my taxes low. I don’t want to [complain] about anything tonight.”

Telaak said, “I’d like to thank Ron Yormick for the kind words. It was very nice. I’d like to thank the DeLucas. I don’t know them; I’ve never met them, but I appreciate them coming down asking for the speed limit reduction on Feddick Road. It’s definitely been needed for years. I’ve had several people ask me about that, but nobody else ever comes to the meetings.”

– The board approved the appointment of Thomas Winters to the Boston Emergency Squad.

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