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Michael Kelly named Evans Director of Finance

The Town of Evans has a new Director of Finance in Michael Kelly, who is replacing the departing Scott Dill.

Dill is stepping down from the position as his responsibilities at his firm, Johnson, Mackowiak and Associates, have increased as of late. But as Supervisor Keith Dash points out, Dill isn’t leaving the Town without a contingency plan, as he plans to stay on until Kelly is up to speed.

“I would like to publically thank and congratulate, on behalf of myself and the entire Town Board, Mr. Scott Dill,” Dash said. “Scott has served as the Director of Finance for Town and has done a yeoman’s job when it comes to cleaning up the finances of this Town that we inherited. Fortunately for Scott and unfortunately for us, his responsibilities have increased with Johnson and Mackowiak with a lot of high profile projects coming down the pike.”

“However, he is not leaving us high and dry, as we are naming Michael P. Kelly as our new Director of Finance, and Scott has agreed to stay on and help him in a smooth transition in the Finance office, so that we can continue to make strides financially and also so that we can continues to finish being in compliance with the New York State Comptrollers Audit.”

Kelly, who comes to the Town with a glut of municipal experience, including working for the Buffalo Fiscal Stability Authority as a Principal Analyst as well as their Treasurer, and serving as the Director of Administrative Services with the Niagara Falls Water Board, knows that there is still a lot of work to be done in Evans.

“In taking over the job, I think things have made drastic improvements here since Scott and Keith have come on board and I plan to continue making additional improvements,” Kelly said. “I know there are a lot of auditing requirements that have not been met and were going to pursue those and get those taken care of. There are some policies that need to be updated and improved and we’ve got those in our sights and I hope to get those taken care of too. It’s nothing that will happen overnight, but over time we will continue to improve the finances for the Town and we will offer the best possible governmental services at the lowest possible price.”

Dash agreed that Kelly is the right person to pick up where Dill left off and believes that the transition from Dill to Kelly should be a smooth one.

“I think it is going to be a great transition, I agree that we are leaving things in capable hands with Michael. Would I have done things differently? Absolutely not, I think we did our homework as far as finding a capable candidate, as well as someone we felt would be a good fit for the Town, someone who would pick up the ball and run with it. I’m very pleased with our decision. He also brings a lot of experience to the position, and he has a lot of experience in some of the things that we are still working to become fully compliant by the audit, things like policies, ethics reform that he is going to bring to the table.”

Dill said that he is thankful to the Town for the opportunity to serve as their Director of Finance, adding that he enjoyed his time in Evans.

“I just want to thank Keith Dash and the Town Board for the great opportunity. I have enjoyed my time here and I think we’ve done tremendous work from where we started to where we are now, addressing the State Comptrollers audit and a lot of the comments in it, getting the water project up to date and moving forward with the move to Erie County,” Dill said. “I’m going to miss my time here but I’m leaving things in capable hands. I just want to thank everyone for a job well done.”

Dash added that Dill serving as the Town’s Director of Finance has helped put them in a good place, and that through his work, there shouldn’t be any drop off in service as Kelly takes the reins.

“I knew when we named him because he was going to give us a complete, fair, nonprejudicial view of the comptrollers audit to find out where we are financially, and he’s done that, for the last 18 months. He is going to be here probably through the summer, which is going to help Michael Kelly, our new appointment. We have negotiated all but one of our contracts for five years with all but one of our bargaining units with the help of Scott, and Scott is going to groom him as far as the budget process so that we go into the fall with the new Director of Finance having a grip on where the departments and their needs.”


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