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How Tom Meyer spent 1,000 days in the Holy Land

WALKING IN JESUS’ STEPS — Tom Meyer is pictured, exploring the Holy Land. Photo submitted by Meyer.
Imagine walking in the same footsteps as Jesus, through the Holy Land. Professor Tom Meyer visited the First Baptist Church in Hamburg recently, to speak about his archeological studies, after living in Israel for 1,000 days.

Meyer, originally from Chicago, Ill., now lives on the road with his family. During the past two years, he has traveled to 30 states, speaking about his adventures in Israel. Teacher of archaeology at Shasta Bible College in Redding, Calif., he still goes back to Israel every so often, to explore and study further.

“I was able to get into the sandals of the ancients and walk through the middle lands,” Meyer said. He said that his travels were the closest that one can get to experiencing biblical times.

He has two master’s degrees: one in Bible history and geography with a minor in archaeology and the other in Middle Eastern culture and religion. He said that he uses his knowledge to create a faith-building experience.

His full-length study began in 2006 and ended in 2011. During the time he lived in Israel, he became engaged to his wife on Christmas Eve in Bethlehem and was married in Jerusalem, on Pentecost.

He said that the most inspiring moment was strolling around the Sea of Galilee, when he walked in Jesus’ steps.

“Going to Israel did nothing but build up my faith,” he said. “By putting my feet on the ground, it brings the Bible to life.”

In Meyer’s presentation, he teaches about his archeological finds and how they can be seen as proof that the Bible is historically accurate and not to be feared. So far, Meyer and his team have found names in the earth that are represented in the Bible and they said that this is physical proof that there is accuracy to the book’s words.

Meyer said that belief in the supernatural aspects of the Bible is up to the reader, but he added that this factor should not take away from the known facts of the Holy Land and the words of the Bible’s text.

“Even if you’re not a ‘religious person,’ it’s the land of milk and honey,” he said.

In addition to presenting his physical finds, he also speaks passages from the Bible entirely from memory. It took him an entire year, but Meyer can recite the book of Revelation in full, completely by heart.

Through Maranatha Tours Inc., he offers a tour of Israel, where he will recite passages, teaching the story of the Bible at the very locations where the passages took place.

His next planned trip will take place from Feb. 25 – March 6 of next year. Stops on the trip include the Sea of Galilee, Nazareth and Jericho, just to name a few.

“The adventure’s out there,” he said.

For more information about Meyer, visit his website at

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