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Is it tax time already? I did this just last year!

The middle of April is such a conflicted time of year. Amidst the sighting of the first robin of spring, the melting snow and warm sunshine lurks the dreaded income tax deadline. Yes, April 15 is looming like a dreaded vortex of financial doom. That is how it seems to me, at least.

I begin to think about my taxes on the first of January. I always vow to do them early, but why rush? The deadline is more than four months away, at that point. So I put it on the back burner somewhere in the far recesses of my brain, while dutifully organizing my tax statements, as they arrive in the mail.

Somewhere in February, I remember. Oh, yes. I want to get my taxes done early, this year. The thought flits in and ricochets back out so fast that it is almost like I didn’t think of it at all.

Then, March arrives. Wow, that was fast. This year is just flying by. I should get all my tax stuff together and completed. And I will. Soon.

Then, the inevitable happens. April 1 has arrived. How did that happen? I have 15 days to get my paperwork together and file my taxes. I can’t believe I am under the same gun I was last year, the year before that and ... you get the idea.

Where did I put all my W-2 forms and whatnot, when they came in the mail in January? Darned if I know. So the hunt begins. Drawers are pulled apart and stacks of old mail are sorted through. There is a small amount of weeping and wailing, as I try to track down everything I’m going to need for this ordeal.

Two years ago, I procrastinated so much that, on April 15, I was literally squealing into the post office parking lot on two wheels, running to the door and sliding under the metal gate just as it started to close, to slam my finished taxes into the box as the clock read 11:59 p.m.

I vowed to never put myself through that much self-induced stress and drama again, but here I am, facing the same deadline.

I am getting better, though. I made my appointment to have the taxes done and filed, on April 2. I think I have found all my paperwork. Maybe I’m not filing early, but at least I’m not breaking land speed records trying to get my taxes in the last available mail slot in town, either.

I hope to file my taxes in a timely manner, some day. It is on my bucket list, but it is probably more likely that I will be on the maiden civilian voyage to Neptune (which is also on my bucket list), before I actually accomplish my dream of an early filing date.

But why worry about next year, now? I have plenty of time.

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