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New credit card policy is approved by the Brant Town Board

The Brant Town Board voted to approve a new credit card policy at their Jan. 8 meeting, something they haven’t had in the past despite owning a credit card for town use.

The new policy states that “all town cards will be issued to the supervisor or town clerk only and will be used with the permission of either the supervisor or town clerk and with board approval” and that “any cards being used by town officials other than the supervisor or town clerk must sign a voucher stating that they will take full responsibility for the use of the card.”

“It’s not a policy for all the workers like some businesses do,” Pero said. “This is a card that used for such things as computer purchases online for different offices, ink and quite a few other things that the car has been used for.”

Councilman Don Clark said the policy was good, but lacking in certain areas.

“It doesn’t identify what the repercussions are if the card is not used properly,” Clark said. “If you just put the language in there, its cut and dry.”

In response, Pero compared the credit card to any other form of purchase the Town uses.

“Are the checks, or anything else we spend money on, if there anything drawn up for those purchases that say the repercussions on them?” Pero said. “All this is is a tool to help the Town pay their bills. Let’s say the highway department goes online and wants to get on the International Auction House, how are they going to do that – by using the credit card. Our spending limits on the card are low and it has been being used for a while.”

The proposed policy includes language prohibiting some use of the card(s), including, but not limited to, personal expenses, cash advances and with without proper documentation on town vouchers.

After some discussion, the following section regarding repercussions was added to the new policy – “any employee found guilty of illegal or unauthorized use of a Town credit card may be subject to penalties allowed by law and /or disciplinary actions under the Town’s personnel policies up to and including termination.”

Furthermore, the new policy states that “all cards are to be kept in a secure location,” “no one is allowed to review and approve their own transactions,” “no claims will be paid without proper documentation,” “the audit committee shall review bills and watch for red flags” and “names of individuals for whom expenditures were incurred are required (EG: if food was supplied at a meeting, who was there).”

The new credit card policy will be reviewed and updated as needed on an annual basis moving forward.

In other news:

• The board approved the beginning of the bid process for new Inactive Records room.

Bids will be opened Feb. 8 at noonfor the project, which calls for the construction of a climate-controlled room in the basement of the new town hall.

• Tracey O’Donnell was hired as a part time police officer at a pay rate of $15.25 per hour for six months and $15.75 after. She recently retired from the Town of Evans after 24 years and has experience in domestic violence and accident investigation.

• Ryan Turner was hired as Deputy Recreation Direction at a rate of $14.15 per hour with a cap of $5,094 and 360 hours annually.

• Town rental fees were increased as follows: community building ($150, increased from $125), recreation building including pavilion ($150, increased from $100), large shelter ($75, increased from $50), and small shelter ($60, increased from $40), for residents. All fees are to be doubled for non-residents. The meeting was adjourned in memory of former Brant resident Dennis Mahoney.


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