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Sister of hit-and-run victim asks for help in obtaining justice

IN MEMORY — This memorial stands in remembrance of hit-and-run victim Barry “Bob” Moss, on Route 5 across from Gold Street in Evans. Photo by Paul McQuillen.
EVANS — The sister of Barry “Bob” Moss has asked that anyone with information related to the fatal hit and run accident that claimed her brother’s life on Christmas Eve to step forward.

“If anyone has information about the accident or the events leading to the accident or afterward, please, please speak up,” the victim’s sister, Maria Wrafter, implored.

Barry Moss
Moss, 52, was struck and killed by a vehicle some time in the early morning hours of Christmas Eve. His body remained on the roadside until discovered at approximately 6 a.m. by an individual on her way to work.

He was struck while riding or walking his bike on Erie Road near Gold Street in Evans. Police said that he appeared to have been dead for several hours.

Wrafter said that she is haunted by the fact that her brother was left on the roadside “and the driver didn’t have the decency to even call for an ambulance or emergency assistance. [He] left him for dead, then hurried up to get the vehicle fixed and get an attorney.”

Wrafter that she was reaching out to The Sun with her story, in the hope that her voice would be heard by someone who could make a difference.

“There has been all sort of speculation, but the truth is out there,” she said. “Somebody knows who hit him.”

Moss was the father of three children and the grandfather of three. “He was very special to us all,” his sister said.

Evans police located the vehicle involved in the hit and run, a late-model Ford SUV, at an auto repair shop and announced that the driver is now considered a person of interest.” Wrafter said that she has been told by police that the owner of the vehicle has retained an attorney and that one of those individuals has contacted the district attorney’s office.

Lt. Doug Czora of the Evans Police confirmed that the department has “the right vehicle and very likely the right person of interest, but that they are still trying to put the case together.”

In response to whether an arrest is imminent, Czora said that he “wouldn’t put the cart before the horse; we can’t make an arrest just yet. It’s a matter of building a case against the suspect.”

In asking for help in finding the driver, Wrafter noted that the Evans and Angola area is a small community and said that everybody knows everybody else. She added that the outpouring of sympathy from the community is great, but “somebody out there knows something. They have to come forward with that information.”

While not providing the name of the suspect, Wrafter said that she believes local police know who the driver was, that he or she was likely not the owner of the vehicle, and that alcohol may have been a factor in the accident. The driver “had no regard for the victim,” she said. “Didn’t care about anybody but himself.”

The victim’s sister indicated that, although police may know who the driver was, they “need to put the driver behind the wheel” at the time of the accident. She added that she is confident the driver of the vehicle is aware that he or she struck a person with a bicycle.

She told The Sun that the bicycle Moss had was “relatively new and had all the reflectors on it.” Czora emphasized that “we’re looking for any help from the public, regardless of how trivial they may think the information may be.”

Wrafter said, “If I can just reach that one person; the right person who can make a difference. There’s a person out there who knows something. If only that person would come forward with any information about the vehicle or the driver.”

Anyone with information about this incident may contact Czora at 549-3600. “Police have a lot [of information], but they’re looking for more,” Wrafter said. “They can never have too much evidence, but they can have too little.”


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2014-01-10 | 03:06:08
Bob Moss
Offering my sincere condolences to the family and friends of Bob Moss. The loss of a loved one, is difficult in itself, and to add the tragic incident, can only worsen the heartache. Hold tight to each other and to your memories of better days. Peace, Paula Jamison/Evans Center
2014-01-10 | 15:42:46
bob moss
I truly wish that the horrible person or persons who did this to this poor man would come forward!!! this is such a unhumaine act to hit some human being and leave this poor man to die in a ditch alone!!!! lets put the shoe on the other foot and see how you would feel if this happened in your family!!! only a coward would do this and not come forward,have you no feelings????? whats this world coming too??? please go to the police and give yourself in!!! how can you sleep nights????? give this poor family some closure!!!!!!!
2014-01-10 | 16:43:43
hit and run
they know who it is nothing being done about it if it were me or you our picture would be all over the news
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