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Tonawanda City School District held its annual art show

TONAWANDA - The Tonawanda City School District held its annual art show from June 4 to 6, in the wellness gym at the City of Tonawanda Middle School/High School. Hundreds of art pieces were on display from grades k through 12, including the Dale Chihuly inspired chandelier constructed from pop bottles.

“I have been teaching for 23 years, and I’m still amazed by the power that art has to heal, express and communicate,” said Elizabeth Randall, Tonawanda City School District’s art department chair. “The quality of work our students produce is outstanding, but even more, we use art to each students how to think differently, which I think is clearly evident in their work this year.”

Artwork from 25 students in grades k through 12 was chosen for inclusion in the 2013-14 district calendar. All pieces will be on display in the Board of Education offices. Superintendent, Dr. James Newton, presented the artists with their awards. Other student artwork was chosen for display in the library for the 2013-14 school year.

Twelve students were inducted into the National Art Honor Society during the closing reception on Thursday. Breanna Eckrote, Alex Tyler, Erin Thurston and Patti Maess were named president, vice president, secretary and treasurer of the society respectively.

Alexis Costello, Rebecca Schuster and Sydney Mangin were recognized for their individual accolades received throughout the year. Mrs. Edholm-McNeil’s studio art classes were also honored for the Albright Knox grant they received from a Sol Lewitt inspired mural.

New to this year’s show was the opportunity for alumni to share their work. Sheila Anderson and her daughter Danielle are both alumni of the high school, while Sheila’s second daughter Jessica is a current tenth grader. All three had paintings, drawings and other work on display.

To this family art was always a part of their everyday lives. Sheila paints landscapes and draws portraits in soft lead and colored pencils. Now that Danielle has graduated, she is majoring in art therapy to further her interest in a different way.

Sheila passed on her passion to both of her children. She explained that it’s vital to bring out the creativity in your kids.

“I always enjoyed art and I know kids are naturally creative, so I wanted to give my children the opportunity to express themselves and do something fun. I just hoped they would enjoy it as much as I did, and now I can say that they do and I’m very proud of how talented they both have become,” she said.

Randall further explained, “I guess for me, art is more than just something you hang on your wall. It’s part of what makes us human. So, our goal as art teachers is to give students the tools they need to appreciate art and continue to make art for a lifetime.”

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2013-06-17 | 11:57:08
Sounds like a very viable initiative if done n properly and tended to by the right team. Technology is certainly what can bring WNY back to life! I'm in the industry and unfortunately my revenues are mainly generated from outside NY State. There's really only two options...implement, create and foster "small business web/tech companies and/or industries, or loose residents, revenues and stability for the area as a whole. To entice by offering tax discounts and who knows what other incentives to tech giants such as Yahoo is ludicrous in my opinion. These are companies who are in business for one thing, and on thing only..."to increase profits". Yes, it would certainly create temporary jobs...keyword "temporary" which would benefit the local economy as a whole in the short term, but is certain to set us for failure when another, more enticing offer is proposed by another city in a different State which is inevitable. A successful economy is one that invest locally. This is a long haul solution rather than a band aid patch. A successful Government is one that's invested in it's residents and those who currently own business and makes the wheels go round. Buffalo has many small businesses which can certainly become "big business", benefiting everyone, not just tech giants looking to maximize profits by decreasing overhead by capitalizing of an economic deficit. We have what it takes and always have! Now let's make it happen! Regards, Anthony Feuerstein President and CEO
2013-06-17 | 12:00:58
Forgive my random "n" typo as there's no way to edit comments.
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