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Second Local Law added by Brant board

BRANT — Changes are coming to the Brant Town Park, thanks to the adoption of Local Law No. 2 of the this year by the Brant Town Board.

The new law calls for stricter regulations of motor vehicles within the Brant Town Park, so as to promote public safety and preserve and protect property from damage. The law reads, “No person shall drive any automobile, motorcycle or other motorized vehicle upon any part of the park except for the proper drives and parking areas, or permit the same to stand upon the drive or any part thereof so as to congest traffic or obstruct the drive. Paths established as footpaths or bicycle paths shall not be used for motorized vehicular traffic.

“No person shall park any vehicle or permit any vehicle to remain standing on any lawn or grass area within the Brant Town Park. Parking shall be allowed only within designated parking areas within the Brant Town Park. The town shall erect suitable signs on roadways and in parking areas, which signs shall indicate where parking, including handicapped parking, is authorized or prohibited.”

Supervisor Leonard Pero said that the law was put into place to prevent costly repairs at the park and to ensure the safety of those enjoying it.

“Local Law No. 2 was enacted because of the fact that we have a beautiful park and some people get carried away and drive on our grass up there and rut it up and everything else,” Pero said.

“Also, we put new parking lots in and have spent a lot of money to have places for people to park and we don’t want people driving on the grass because repairs are costly to the taxpayers in our town, and also we have to worry about the safety of our children.”

A new speed limit was also set in place. The law states, “No vehicle shall be operated on any road or drive in the park at a speed exceeding 15 miles per hour, unless otherwise posted. The town shall cause signs to be erected along such roads or drives indicating such speed limits.” Pero added that the speed limit was put into place to assure the safety of those enjoying the park.

“The speed limit that we are putting in place up there is very important to the safety of the children as well. We don’t need people driving faster than 15 miles per hour, and in fact that should probably be lower.”

There was also fees installed for those who violate the new law — “Any person found guilty of violating any provision of this law shall be guilty of an offense punishable by a fine of $50 for the first offense; $100 for a second offense and $250 for any subsequent offense. Additionally, any vehicle parked in violation of this law shall be subject to towing and storage at the owner’s expense, at the discretion of the Brant Police.” Pero continued that the fees were established as an additional measure to not only ensure the safety of residents, but also to keep the park beautiful.

“We are also implementing a fine of $50 for parking on the grass, a fine which graduates on a second offense to $100, and then all the way up to $250 further than that.

“This is really to protect our park because we have such a beautiful park, and we don’t need people on the grass rutting it up. It all boils down to the safety of our children, the safety of our elderly and keeping the park beautiful.”


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