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Brant Town Board gives back to the kids

BRANT — The Brant Town Board is doing its part to give back, by donating $1,000 to the Boys & Girls Club of Lake Shore.

Boys & Girls Club of Lake Shore Board member and longtime Lake Shore teacher Lee Widmer-Wick was in attendance at the town board’s Feb. 11 meeting. Wick offered up some reasons for the necessity of donations, along with documenting some enrollment numbers for the club.

“There’s one main goal, and that is to keep the doors at the W.T. Hoag school open, so we can continue to give each child a little sense of hope and opportunity, regardless of their circumstances,” Widmer-Wick said. “We have an outstanding unit director, Andrea Wincenciak, who coordinates many activities. She reported, at the last monthly meeting, that there are 374 members registered and 176 active members attending five days or more, since Oct. 1 – Jan. 24, many of whom received free or reduced lunch.

“Hoag School is in the village of Angola, a place where I grew up and a place I still consider to be a hometown American village,” she said. “A place filled with potential, because of government officials like you all sitting here. You are making decisions every day, benefitting those people who call this their home.”

Widmer-Wick also pointed a number of fundraising efforts and various events the Boys & Girls Club have taken part of in the past, including the Weiner Run, which was the club’s largest event in terms, of both attendance and profit. She said that more than $55,000 has been raised, during the past four years. Last year, more than 850 runners and 60 volunteers took part, and 14 community groups and more than 50 businesses ran the race.

She said that she was excited that the Brant Town Board was able to give what it did.

“I think it’s absolutely marvelous that the board is willing to contribute money to such a worthy cause,” Widmer-Wick said. “It is a true-blue club. It’s proven, and something that I’m fully invested in, as well as all of the other people that are on the board, who are hard-working people, wanting to do the right thing for the children.”

Supervisor Leonard Pero said that he was happy to be able to do something positive for the youth of the community. He added that the $1,000 donation is something he would like to see continue annually.

“It’s a great organization,” Pero said. “The kids are really benefitting from the town of Brant that go to Lake Shore. I think it’s a wonderful thing that is really helping the kids and I feel that we should be donating something towards that.”

He added that he believed it is important to help fund a group that helps the children in the area.

“This organization started about six years ago, approximately; it was supervisors myself, former town of Evans Supervisor Fran Pordum and town of Eden Supervisor Glenn Nellis, as well as village of Angola Mayor Hub Frawley, getting together with the Lake Shore School Board to discuss that it would be nice to have a club like this in our area,” he said. “This $1,000 is well spent on our youth, who are the future of our communities. It also helps to keep them out of trouble and helps them with their homework. It’s a very good and worthy cause and I’d like to say that this $1,000 donation will continue on, in the years.”

“Our board of directors, of which I am one, coined the phrase ‘it just takes one,’” Widmer-Wick added. “I’ve been a teacher at Lake Shore for 30 years, and have taught kids from Brant, Farnham, Angola and Derby, and we all believe that we are one. We are a community and a place where students and children feel loved and supported.”

Anyone between the ages of 7 and 18 can join the club, which is open every day after school until 6:30 p.m. and during summer hours. More information may be found at

The next town board meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on March 11.


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