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New Village of Farnham trustee wins after a write-in campaign

Scott Cordia is the newest Farnham Village Board Trustee after winning a write-in campaign against incumbent Peter Zaenglein by a 48-22 vote.

Cordia headed up the campaign himself, though he nearly missed the deadline to throw his name into the hat.

ďI spearheaded the campaign actually. I wanted to run for mayor during the last election, but I decided that I would rather wait. I had a friend of mine who was going to run for trustee, then changed his mind, so I decided to run. I actually decided to run after the petitions had to be turned in. It was kind of a quick thing. I had asked if I could still run and I was told I could run as a write in, and so I did.Ē

When it comes to his vision for the village as a new trustee, Cordia admits that he is here to learn, though he is more than excited about things going in Farnham and that now he gets to be a part of things.

ďThis is a chance for me to get my feet wet and this is a great chance for me to learn. Itís not about any vision I have, itís really about taking care of the village. Itís only a year long term and I know that I canít change the world, and I realize that. I want to make decisions that I feel are right for my community that I have lived in for years. I grew up here, and weíve grown quite a bit as far as Farnham getting a new playground, as well as a new water system getting installed. We have a lot of new stuff going on in our community. Thereís some stuff in the works that is currently being talked about and Iíd like to be a part of something while I am able to do so.Ē

ďI just want to be a part of doing the right thing for the people in the village. I have made it a point to pay attention to what is happening and I have been listening to what people have been saying. Iíve wanted to be a part of politics for a long time now and this is an opportunity just to learn. I donít have anything specifically right now that I want to bring to the village. It depends on what the people of Farnham want to see in their village. Itís not about me per say, itís about taxpayers in the village.Ē

As for running for a longer term after this one-year term is up, Cordia admitted he does not what the future holds.

ďI donít know really. And thatís exactly what it is Ė itís going to be a work in progress and I donít know, I canít speak for the future. Whatís best for my family right now is going to be the top priority for me.Ē

Through it all, Cordia is thankful to those who took the time to write his name on the ballot.

ďIf I could say anything to those residents who voted for me, I would say thank you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity and thank you for allowing me to serve you. I hope I can serve you proudly. And I hope Iím able to fulfill all of your expectations.Ē

The name Cordia is synonymous with the Village of Farnham board and he will now be the second Cordia serving.

His father, George Cordia, is a member of the board and has served in the capacity since first being elected in 1986. Cordia will take the seat originally held by Mayor Julie Ann Gibbons, who, who resigned from that post when she became mayor.

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