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Learn to jam at the Extreme Drum and Guitar School

Students can learn to sing and play the drums, piano, guitar and bass at the Extreme Drum and Guitar school.
Johnny Misso’s childhood dream changed when his brother received a drum set as a gift for Christmas. He found himself slowly drifting away from his goal of becoming a tae kwon do black belt instructor the more he played his brother’s drum set.

“It changed everything,” said Misso. “Every time he left the house, I would sneak upstairs to try and play his drums. I just found a love for it and it just kind of took over everything.”

Now, 28 years into playing the drums, he has built himself quite the career and a successful business with it.

Misso began teaching students out of his basement. He wanted to see if people would even be interested in learning what he had to offer.

“It just blew up from there,” he said. “I found a love for teaching the younger kids as well as the adults. I thought I might be able to do something here. I might be able to make something of this whole thing.”

With that, he opened the Extreme Drum and Guitar School in February of 2009 at 9135 Sheridan Dr. in Clarence.

Extreme Drum and Guitar School will teach students, of any age, how to play the drums, guitar, bass and piano. It also offers vocal training and a recording studio.

There are five instructors at the school, including Misso. Along with Misso on the drums is CW Dunbar. Teaching piano is Regina Pollack. The guitar instructor is Ben Pawlak and the vocal coach is Erin Jeffords. All of these instructors are young and have a great deal of experience in their field. Misso found that the students connected better with younger instructors and said, “It’s a chemistry thing.”

With a great instructor, a student must also continue to work hard and Misso pushes them to do so.

“It’s in our name. We’re the extreme school,” he said. “I work them a little harder, I think, than other instructors do. It’s all for the good of the student and it’s at their own pace, of course. I think that’s what separates me from other instructors.”

Another thing that Misso offers is recitals for his students. He gives his students the opportunity to perform for their family and friends and show them what they’ve learned. He also lets his students have “jam sessions.” This is where several students can get together and just play.

“It’s almost like a social type of networking where the students can get together and meet other musicians and make new friends.”

Misso currently has about 55 students, ranging in age, that he and his instructors teach each week. Students come from as far as Niagara Falls to learn at the Extreme Drum and Guitar School and it’s mostly through recommendations, which Misso is proud to say.

To take lessons from Misso or one of his instructors at the Extreme Drum and Guitar School, call 632-7625 or visit Misso will then set up a “game plan” based on your experience.


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