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Town, Village of Lancaster Police Blotter


Driving While Intoxicated

At 4:34 a.m., patrol observed a white Chevrolet Cobalt traveling east on Enchanted Forest North cross over and drive on the left side of the road several times. The vehicle then failed to give sufficient notice for signaling to turn north on Aurora Street and after turning onto Aurora Street, the vehicle crossed over the double yellow line several times.

Patrol continued to follow the vehicle and initiated emergency lights on Country Place; however, the vehicle did not stop until it turned onto Quail Hallow Road. Upon approaching the driver’s side of the vehicle, the passenger, Ryan D. Rogalski of Lancaster, who appeared to be intoxicated and irate, immediately began yelling that there was no reason to stop the vehicle.

During a conversation with the operator, Dana E. Musso of Depew, glassy eyes, impaired speech, impaired motor coordination, and the odor of an alcoholic beverage were all immediately noticeable. After being asked for license, registration, and insurance, Musso was only able to produce an expired driver’s license.

During questioning Rogalski continued to yell and interrupt, even after being told several times to remain quiet. Patrol instructed Musso to exit the vehicle in order to continue questioning and perform field sobriety testing, which she failed.

While conducting the tests, Rogalski became even more irate and began yelling obscenities, including “This is f***ing ridiculous,” and “Just tell me why you have any f***ing right to stop us!” Musso was then instructed to remain where she was while patrol approached the passenger side of the vehicle to advise Rogalski to quiet down.

While speaking with Rogalski, Musso approached patrol and attempted to push patrol out of the way. When patrol pushed Musso back away from the vehicle Rogalski began to yell, “Don’t f***ing touch her.” Patrol advised Rogalski he was under arrest. Rogalski refused to exit the vehicle pulling his arms away and trying to push patrol away from the vehicle several times.

While patrol attempted to extract Rogalski from the vehicle, Musso jumped on patrol’s back and placed her arms around patrol’s neck in an apparent attempt to pull patrol away from the vehicle. Patrol was able to push Musso back and Rogalski was then extracted from the vehicle, assisted to the ground, and forcibly handcuffed.

Musso then got up and began punching and kicking patrol. She was pepper sprayed, assisted to the ground, and forcibly handcuffed. Both offenders were transported to the station. Musso submitted to a breath test with a .16 percent BAC result.

Rogalski was charged with resisting arrest, obstruction of governmental administration, and disorderly conduct. Musso was charged with DWI, obstruction of governmental administration, operation of a motor vehicle with .08 of one percent or more of alcohol in blood, illegal signal, failure to keep right in a two lane road, driving to the left of pavement markings, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest.

Both offenders are scheduled to appear in town court at the end of April.

April 1

Arrest of Warrant

At 9:20 p.m., patrol observed a 1998 Ford Taurus making a left turn from Freeman Road into the parking lot of the Motel 6 without using its turn signal.

Patrols identified the driver and passenger as Stanley Clifford, 33, of Buffalo, and Felicia White, 35, of Buffalo, who both had active arrest warrants from the Buffalo Police Department. Dispatch verified the warrants and patrols transported the offenders to the Buffalo Holding Center.

April 2

Driving While Intoxicated

At 1:13 a.m., patrol was traveling south on Transit Road and observed a 2000 Honda, also traveling south on Transit Road, in the driving lane strike the curb and then suddenly veer across the driving lane, passing lane, and into the center turn lane.

The vehicle then swerved into the southbound driving lane and slowly drifted across the passing lane and halfway into the center turn lane. Patrol activated emergency lights and the vehicle pulled over without incident.

Patrol approached the vehicle and found the offender, Frederick J. Seitz, 21, of Cheektowaga, to be the driver and sole occupant of the vehicle. Patrol could immediately detect the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from Seitz and that his speech was slurred and thick. Seitz was able to produce his New York State driver’s license, but could not provide a registration or insurance card.

Seitz was asked to exit the vehicle and he was observed to be very unsteady on his feet as he walked. Seitz was asked to perform several standard field sobriety tests, all of which he failed. Seitz submitted to an Alco Sensor test with a positive reading of .13 percent BAC.

At this point, Seitz was placed under arrest and transported to the station. At the station, he submitted to a breath test with a reading of .12 percent BAC. He was charged with DWI, operation of a motor vehicle with .08 of one percent or more alcohol in blood, failure to keep right in two lane road, and moving from lane unsafely.

Improper Plates

At 6 p.m., patrol observed a green Dodge Pickup traveling south on Transit Road with red blinkers on the front of the vehicle. Patrol initiated a traffic stop in parking lot of the Lancaster Lanes and the vehicle stopped.

The operator, 27, of Evan Mills, could not produce a registration or insurance card. A DMV check revealed the license plates displayed on the vehicle were not on file and not the license plates that were supposed to be on the vehicle.

The operator was issued tickets for operation of an unregistered motor vehicle on highway, operation of a motor vehicle with improper plates and without insurance.

Resist Arrest

At 8:49 p.m., patrols responded to a Ransom Road address to serve a Town of Lancaster arrest warrant on the subject Steven M. Mcclintic, 21, of Lancaster. Patrols knocked on the door, which was answered by the Mcclintic’s father.

His father stated Steven was home and went and got him. Steven was asked by patrol to step outside so that he could speak to him and serve him the order of protection. He refused and stated he would not step outside. Patrol then advised Mcclintic that he needed him to sign the order of protection and Mcclintic stated, “I’m not signing anything.”

Patrol then stepped into the foyer and explained to him that he was being served an order of protection and that all he needed to do was sign it, affirming he received it. Mcclintic agreed and proceeded to sign it.

Patrol then advised Mcclintic they also had a warrant for his arrest at which time Mcclintic attempted to run into the house, but was physically restrained by two officers.

Mcclintic continued to physically resist both officers attempting to take him into custody. Mcclintic then was trying to open the door to the house and was yelling for someone to open the door for him. Mcclintic’s father was repeatedly asking him to cooperate with the officers and at no time got physically involved with the altercation.

Mcclintic would still not comply and patrols began to physically remove him from the foyer while he continued to physically resist patrols. Then an officer announced to Mcclintic that he would use a taser to subdue him so they could take him into custody. Mcclintic calmed down enough that patrols could handcuff him.

Mcclintic was transported to the station and charged with resisting arrest and obstruction of governmental administration. Mcclintic was arraigned before Judge Montour for the arrest warrant charges and transported to the Erie County Holding Center.


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