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Bikram Yoga now offered at a studio in Hamburg

Gina Barrett, owner of Bikrim Yoga Hamburg, located at 266 Buffalo St., shows off her yoga skills at the new studio, which opened in September.
As the holidays approach and 2013 is drawing closer, something that is common for people to do is exercising to work off the turkey, pumpkin pie and other foods that are a part of this time of year.

There is now a new alternative for those looking to get in shape as Bikram Yoga Studio of Hamburg offers a different typeof exercise.

“It’s yoga, but it’s done in a heated room,” said owner Gina Barrett. “The purpose of that is to detox.”

She said one of the main reasons for this is to make muscles more elastic for stretching.

“We offer 17 classes throughout the week. Both mornings and evenings,” Barrett said.

She was excited to open the studio in September, in large part because this form of yoga is not easy to find in Western New York.

“It’s not common here at all,” she said.

This form comes from India, and the classes are done in a room that is 105 degrees to create an atmosphere that is similar to India. It helps recreate the history of Bikram yoga.

Although Bikram yoga may not be common to some people in the area, Barrett said she has been doing this style of yoga for nine years, so she brings a lot of expertise to her customers.

“This includes a complete 90 minutes of instruction,” she said.

There are people who are new to it and many who have been using this style of yoga for years that come in and take classes.

“We have people who come in on a daily basis,” Barrett said.

For those who are new, they generally start out in the back of the room while they modify their workout regimine.

She said she has been working with a basketball player for several years who believes this type of workout helps him keep in shape and continue to play.

“There are a wide number of health reasons as well (that people take Bikram yoga),” Barrett said.

As a result of its growing popularity and health benefits, she said she is seeing an increase in the number of people who are being advised by their doctor to take the classes.

This includes someone who may have siffered a physical injury, Barrett said.

It was after injuring her knee while running that Barrett discovered Bikram yoga.

“I totally got addicted to it,” Barrett said.

The name Bikram comes from the person who developed the style.

As the business continues to grow, Barrett said a juice bar will be open in the future.

For more information, call 627-0088 or visit the website,


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2012-11-15 | 01:13:15
Great news. Bikram Yoga is now popular in many countries all around the world. And it is really appreciable that Bikram Yoga is offering a new studio in Hamburg. I think it will encourage many people to practice Yoga. Nayeema Akter
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