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Alicia Explores the Southtowns: Experiencing a two-berry twist of nostalgia at Main Street Ice Cream in Hamburg

ICE CREAM DREAM – What better way to enjoy a sunny afternoon then having a cone at a local ice cream shop? Photos by Alicia Greco.
HAMBURG — I consider myself an ice cream connoisseur. While living in Syracuse, I worked at Kenny’s Corner Ice Cream Stand, the home of the original two-berry twist. The stand was a quick 2-minute walk from my house and, every summer, I would work 40 – 45 hours per week. I went to the stand even on my days off, for just a visit. It became my home away from home.

After years of twirling cones, rolling sprinkles and mixing milkshakes, I found myself becoming somewhat of an ice cream snob. I would observe other shops’ parlors or peek my head through other stands’ windows, to see what machines were being used or how clean areas were kept. When the server would hand me a cone, I would inspect it, to see how well the serving was done. Call me pretentious, but ice cream should always be done right.

Since I moved away from Syracuse, I have had an unrequited love for my two-berry twist. From my apartment in the Elmwood Village, there isn’t a single ice cream place that feels like Kenny’s.

My eternal ice cream craving gone unsatisfied, I had been receiving emails about new flavors at Main Street Ice Cream. What could be better than writing a story about one of my undying passions?

I sat down with Denise Fenton, one of the shop’s owners. She and her husband Randy opened their business in May of 2009.

The Hamburg business is a sit-down shop with an adorable decor. The Fentons currently reside in Hamburg and raised their children here.

“We have a lot of pride in the village of Hamburg,” Denise said. “We do stuff to help the village stay alive.”

I asked her if she had experience in ice cream, before opening Main Street. She replied no, but she and her husband did a few years of research and attended multiple ice cream conventions.

“We even did some training in Syracuse,” she said.

“Tell me you did training at Kenny’s Corner Ice Cream,” I said, laughing.

We bonded over Jim and Mary Kenny, who were the mother and father of my ice cream family, for a while.

“We have two-berry twist here, too,” Fenton said.

My jaw dropped. Choirs of angels sang in my mind. Could it be? Two-berry twist in Hamburg? I was suddenly elated with the thought that, at any time of the day, I could walk from work and grab myself a cone. “Red-raspberry sherbet with black-raspberry yogurt” became a phrase so familiar from answering so many customer’s question: “What’s in your two-berry twist?”

SERVING UP HAPPINESS – Main Street Ice Cream server Lindsay Robinson of Eden is in her third summer working at the shop.
Similar to Kenny’s, Main Street Ice Cream has various novelties for sale, including ice cream pies and sandwiches. Specialty sundaes include the nutty buddy, the turtle sundae and the Almond Joy© sundae, to name a few. The shop’s waffle cones are made in-house.

For those with particular orders, Main Street offers dairy-free, lactose-free and sugar-free ice cream and gluten-free cones. There are 15 different hard flavors and a soft-serve ice cream flavor of the week.

Since it is a sit-down shop rather than a stand, Main Street stays open, even during the winter.

The shop closes, beginning Dec. 24 and running through February, before reopening for the rest of the year. Give the shop a try. I know you’ll love it. Main Street Ice Cream is located at 35 Main St.


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