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The singing Angola Clerk Treasurer: Giancarlo of Crash Cadillac

Crash Cadillac will open the Angola Summer Concert Series on Wedn. June 19. Front: Linda Giancarlo, Don Vaccaro. Back (left to right): Frank Marini, Jim Mercurio, Bob Steff
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The sound of our spoons tinkered against the cups of our porcelain mugs. The train rang loud, slightly shaking the walls of Desperados Barbecue restaurant in Angola. Linda Giancarlo, lead vocalist of local band Crash Cadillac, smiled and spoke of her history with performing, her devoted love to her band, and how music has impacted her world and the people dear to her. Crash Cadillac will be opening the Angola Summer concert series on Wednesday, June 19.

“They used to call me the singing teller. They would come through the drive-thru and I’d be singing over the microphone,” she said with a laugh. 

From working in a bank to Clerk Treasurer of Angola’s Village Hall, music has been a consistent thread in Giancarlo’s life. She has been singing, without the assistance of lessons, since she was 12 years old; in her youth she was a part of Live Bate, a family band that would perform at local fish fries seeing that they were too young for the bar scene. Upon the passing of her father, who significantly influenced Giancarlo’s life of music, she and her brother performed a piece during their father’s services.

This moment was a catalyst to pursue vocal performances. With the sincere encouragement from her loved ones she began pursuing a side project doing what she has an evident passion for: music.

Joining Crash Cadillac was what Giancarlo thought to be a blessing. The band is a tight-knit family of sorts that performs not for popularity or for any pretentious motivation. Crash Cadillac exists for the sole purpose of pleasing the crowd.

“We’re crowd pleasers. That’s all we really focus on. It’s not about us. We’re up there for the fun of it; we’ve always said when we get paid at the end of the night, our pay is for the tear down. You know, lifting the equipment and putting it all away,” she said with a chuckle. “We would all just do it for nothing. That’s just how we feel, we just love being up there. We love the connection with the people.”

Don Vaccaro, guitarist, founded Crash Cadillac in 1979. The members that comprise the group are Bob Steff on bass, Frank Marini on keys, and Jim Mercurio on drums. In addition to Giancarlo, each member does their part contributing vocals.

They perform multiple-genre cover tunes from various eras ranging from The Doors to Bon Jovi, from the 1950s to the 1980s and everything in between, with the exception of hip-hop. They will perform requests on the spot to the best of their ability.

Crash Cadillac is the type of band that emits positive vibes and crowd participation. It is undeniable the connective power of music. It has the ability to bring a group of friends together to form a family. It can strike a conversation between two strangers. Music can travel from the instruments through the speakers into the ears of the elderly and suddenly a memory that spans the length of decades resurfaces.

“I just think music in general is just beautiful, and it’s a language we all can relate to,” she said.

Crash Cadillac has opened the Angola Summer Concert Series for the past several years. Catch them open the 31st annual series of Angola concerts at the Centennial Park on Wednesday, June 19 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Admission is free and refreshments will be provided.

Feel free to request a song, dance, and participate when Crash Cadillac hits the stage, they encourage it.

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