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‘Still Alice’ a devastating story of Alzheimer’s
Date: 2015-05-21
At the center of this very sad tale is Alice. She is smart, strong, loving and lovable. She will break your heart. Her descent into Alzheimer’s is truthfully depicted. The drama is carefully measured as to avoid histrionics and theatrics. It is quite an achievement. We watch hopelessly Alice’s unavoidable decline. Memory loss is a major symptom of Alzheimer’s and the most devastating. Alice experiences episodes where she doesn’t recognize her children and her husband. She also has bouts of disorientation – not knowing where she is. She goes out jogging only to find herself not recognizing the street or why she is there. It is harrowing, in its quiet way. This is a powerful film. Is it entertaining? Well, not in the normal sense. Yet, in its authenticity, it is deeply involving. There is a stand-out scene with Alice lecturing as she bravely fights her limitations. It just may be the most moving moment in film this year.Julianne Moore as 50-years-old Alice gives a quiet, subtle portrait...
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