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Sun Scene
  • In “Driving Blind,” Tod and Justin Purvis drive across the country, to see as much of it as possible before going blind from a rare genetic disease.
  • Tod and Justin Purvis also explored local landmarks, like Griffis Sculpture Park (above).
‘Driving Blind’ opens local producer’s eyes
Date: 2014-11-12
Five friends, 42 days, one 12,000-mile road trip for a cause: To see the country before two brothers go blind. The new documentary, “Driving Blind” follows two brothers, Tod and Justin Purvis, who both have a rare genetic disorder, choroidermia, which causes blindness. Producer and Hamburg High School graduate Brian Griffo, along with fellow graduate and director of photography Ryan Detzel, were working in the film industry in Los Angeles when they heard about the Purvis brothers’ story.“It’s all about losing sight, but gaining vision,” Griffo said. “We just fell in love with the idea, and knew we had to do it.” The brothers and their crew spent several months driving across the country, with Justin and Tod Purvis doing the majority of the driving, to see everything from the Grand Canyon to small towns, big cities and everything in between, before it is too late.“The film is a portrait of what makes America beautiful, what really matters in life and what we as human beings do with our short...
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