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Sun Scene
  • Check out The Taproom at Hamburg Brewing for your favorite draft beers. Photo / Amy Robb
Draft versus bottle: What’s the difference?
Date: 2016-01-26
There’s a reason why people ask what’s on draft before choosing a bottle or can of their favorite brew.When given the choice, most people prefer beer on tap because it’s fresher, there’s more carbonation and some would argue a draft brew imparts more flavor. But why is that? Why does the same beer taste different on tap than in the bottle? I went to Hamburg Brewing Company owner John Russo to answer these burning questions, and it seems all those beer lovers out there were onto something when they went for the draft over the bottle. “The three biggest enemies of any beer are heat, light and oxygen,” explained Russo. Beer going into a keg will be kept at a consistent temperature, kegs let little to no light through to warp the beer, and taps are often pressurized for minimal oxidation. “The same beer is going to into a keg than in a bottle; a lot of things will effect flavor, length of time it is in a package will change the flavor,” added Russo. Bottles are often shelved or shipped elsewhere,...
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