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Sun Scene
  • Fiona (left), playd by Alexa Kicinski, and Shrek, played by Isaac Gadikian, and take the stage for the grand finale.
  • Lord Faarquaad, played by Ryan Lotocki, gets his moment in the spotlight at Frontier.
‘Shrek!’ musical takes the stage at Frontier High School
Date: 2015-02-18
FRONTIER — Frontier High School’s music director, Tina Voto, wanted a musical that would get people in the auditorium. “Shrek!,” according to her, did just that. She said it’s a popular show and it brought in people of all age levels.After a comparably slow opening night, explained Voto, the following three performances had 600-700 spectators, including Superintendent Anthorpe - twice. And ticket sales, according to the director, are very important.“It’s getting harder and harder to produce a show because it’s so expensive,” she said, “Between the royalties and the rights - which we are very fortunate that the district pays for those - everything else we pay for, and it still hits around between the $13,000 and $15,000 mark to produce a show of this magnitude.”With about 100 total people working on the show, including cast, crew and orchestra, it takes more than money; it takes dedication.“We are so, so, so passionate about [the production],” said Alexa Kicinski, who portrayed Fiona. “We...
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